Friday, July 13, 2012

Unload move for Equinox

Austrian Unload

The move secretly unload a card from double, make it single.

Austrian Aces is one of my favorite trick in "Equinox", David Britland.
To Britland credit, the poor routine in above video is not his Austrian Aces.

It's my improvisational thing.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Action Half Ascanio

Action Half Ascanio

It is 4 as 3 display.
But it can be used as 4 as 4(?) display.

Mystic 4 (draft ver.) featuring AHA with Underground Elmsley

 Recently I found that this sleight is very similar to Billis Spread.
 Bernard Bills's sleight is in his "French Pasteboards"
 Effect is small version of "Mystic Nine", Brother John Hamman.

After thought:
 Uncertainty of the position is confusing.
 If you decide the area for Black and for Red, or for Mystic Card and for packets, effect may be better.

Ascanio Spread Turn Over

Ascanio Spread Turn Over

I feel something uncomfortable with asymmetric display.
One hand turn One card, Other hand turn Three cards.

So, Here it is.

 Arturo de Ascanio,
 Stuart Gordon,